A Brand New Online Course & 28-Day Challenge

Learn How To Eat "Normally" Again
Permantly End Secret Feeding Frenzies & Blow Out Binges...

... Even If You're Worried That It's Not Possible For You

Coach Helen Bennett 
Former Chronic Binger (& Purger TBH)
Current Badass Intuitive Eater
& Shameless Body Appreciater

Hello lovely,

Do you want to kill the monster cravings to binge eat and start truly living the way you know you would if you weren't trapped in the nightmare that is compulsive overeating?

Do you want to feel proud of yourself again and in control of your food choices?

I know how scary it is to be doing your best to eat well, but slipping up again and again no matter how hard you try.

And I know how to help you stop binge eating for good.

Here's the secret:

No more !!
No more planning, weighing, tracking, over-analysing, denying, second-guessing, and self-criticising in the hopes it’ll shame you into never binge eating again.

No more portion control.
No more locking the pantry.
No more asking your family to be the food police.
No more food journaling, label checking or calorie counting.
No more daily weigh-ins or using macro tracking apps to keep you in line.
No more “safe foods.”
No more scheduled “cheat days.”
No more food envy.
No more trying to go vegan, paleo, keto, or sugar free.
No more freaking out because you ate something you “shouldn’t.”

(And I really mean it!!  Those things are creating more of the problem, so it’s time to stop.)

Just a simple set of skills that can be learned and mastered.

Before I learned these skills, I struggled through 20 years of out-of-control binge eating (followed by desperately getting rid of the calories I’d just ingested though exercising like a maniac or throwing up my food!). 

3, 4, 5 times a day, I was secretly pigging out.  In car parks, fire escapes, bathrooms, at home alone - anywhere that I could stuff food into my face without being seen.

I carried immense shame and felt like an utter fraud. 

I couldn't understand how I could be so disciplined in other areas of my life, but when it came to food, I was an unmitigated disaster.

It was destroying my health, my relationships, my bank account and my self-esteem.

For 2 decades I battled silently, appearing healthy on the outside, but suffering desperately behind closed doors.

In 2010 I looked fit and healthy, but in truth, I was dangerously over-training and vomiting daily to make up for all the binge eating.

On a beach in 2020, making up for all the years that I hated my body and was trapped in a binge-purge nightmare.

Now I can hear and honour my true hunger again.   
I eat what my body asks for without guilt or fear. 
I exercise for fitness and fun (not calorie burn).
And I use all the extra time, money and focus available to me now to actually build the life that I'd always known I was capable of!

What happened?
A mountain of research, a ton of guidance, a plethora of practice.... combined with a bit of divine intervention ....led me to discover the surprising (but now insanely obvious!) solution to actually breaking free of binge eating for good. 

It required doing everything totally differently than I'd been doing it before.

The solution is deceptively simple.
And it really works.

But not just for me.



From under eating to over eating, over exercising, purging and taking up to 8 laxatives everyday. I thought that was my life written for me. Until….Helen Bennett changed my life forever!  Not only has she saved me but she changed the lives of my two beautiful girls and my husband "to be" forever. ❤


South Africa

 I can finally say I am loving life, I am living!
I can look at myself & thank my body for not giving up on me, for fighting. I can say 'I love you body'. I can listen to my body and know it will all be okay.

Most importantly - I strive to live!




My beliefs in food and dieting have been chucked out the window.  My body requests certain things and I follow it through. I'm not scared of not finishing my plate, I can listen to signals before I get very full. I don't care now about judgement.  It's my body and my health comes first before people's opinions. 
Freedom wow - It's so liberating to be this happy and confident. 



If you get the opportunity to work with this amazing woman I urge you to do it!
Your future self with thank you ❤



​If you’re expecting a quick fix, this definitely isn’t it. Helen gives you tools and resources to help you overcome your eating disorder and will walk with you every step of the way. It’s going to require some courage, determination and time to turn things around, but with Helen's help it really is possible!



I would advise it to anyone who is stuck with their eating and is so tired of trying something again, not knowing if they will learn anything new or it will help.
Trust me, with Helen you will and it’s even with fun and joy! Could you imagine that!?
I really didn’t, but now am convinced ;-) 

You need to know .... that most people who take part in self-driven courses and challenges don't get results like this.  These are people who showed up, did the work, reached out for help when they needed it, kept practising and were persistent AF.   Ending compulsive binge eating takes daily action, a willingness to learn from every setback, and a "never say die" attitude.  For those people ... I can show you how to achieve permanent binge freedom.

Create a Completely Carefree Relationship with Food in
Binge Eliminator Online Course & 28 Day Challenge.

Here's Some Of What You'll Learn

  • A quick and easy morning routine that can make the difference between binge busting success & failure.

  • 8 simple things you can do (that don't cost a cent and have nothing to do with food) that will boost your energy and focus, and powerfully heal your struggling endocrine system.

  • How your brain and body "rewire" and why making mistakes is a very important part of neuroplasticity.

  • How to exercise without driving hunger pangs (and binge urges) through the roof .

  • The distinction between indulgence and bingeing & how to indulge without guilt.

  • The exact words to ask yourself when you are trying to work out when you should eat and how much. 

  • How to find a desire that is stronger than your desire to binge and how to leverage the power of your desires to keep you strong enough to weather an intense binge urge.

  • Where to shift your focus when you start thinking about food (but you know that you're not actually hungry).

  • Why "alternative coping mechanisms" should be a last resort.

  • What dopamine is really responsible for, and how to use that to your advantage. 

  • What the difference is between real hunger and a binge urge and EXACTLY what to do when one or the other hits.

  • The most powerful thing that you can do every day to ensure that what you're practising becomes your new norm.

  • Exactly how to help your body back to being the fat-burning machine that it was born to be (and destroy those nasty sugar crashes at the same time!)

  • The biggest drivers of binge urges and the simple tricks to cut them off at the pass.

  • What you need to focus on specifically if you're a member of "the clean plate club"

  • The power of permission and how to calmly give yourself what your tummy asks for, especially if you know that it's fattening or unhealthy.

  • Which 2 neurotransmitters are responsible for the compulsive nature of bingeing, and how to use them to do the opposite (aka make permanent binge freedom compulsive instead!)

  • The 3 specific steps to take when a binge urge kicks in.

  • The most common binge urge triggers and how I help my clients permanently stop those triggers from generating future binge urges.

  • The primary reason that we have lost the ability to hear our tummy's satiety signals and how to hear them again.

It Works Even If You've Failed To Stop Binge Eating Before

You can let go of your fear of failure right now!

I'm going to ask you to do 3 things:

1. Agree that the only way to fail is to give up. 

2. Expect mistakes (initially at any rate).

Ask anyone who was ever successful at mastering any new skill, and they'll tell you that mistakes are par for the course.  

Mistakes are all part of any learning process.

And ending binge eating requires a lot of learning and a lot of practising what you've learned. 

The 28-Day Challenge is NOT about perfection. 

The 28-Day Challenge is your commitment to putting into practise what I teach in the course. 

3. Practise the skills I teach relentlessly .... until you can't get them wrong.  

So long as you're committed to doing the work and learning from every mistake ... then your long-term success is inevitable. 

That’s why I’m so excited to be sharing this Binge Eliminator Course & 28-Day Challenge with you today! 

What You'll Get When You Sign Up

  • 6+ Hours Of Coaching Videos

    - The Morning Routine That Sets You Up For Success
    - Skill 1:  Tummy Check Ins
    - Skill 2:  Binge Urge Busting
    - Skill 3:  Stopping When You're Full
    - The Power Of Dopamine & Daily Tracking
    - The Power Of Radical Permission

  • Downloadable Course Workbook

    The workbook includes:
    - A Pre-Challenge Check List
    - The 28 Day Challenge Daily Tracker
    - Course Crib Notes. 
    - The Binge Urge Investigator Tool

Sign Up Right Now & Get These 3 Bonuses For FREE!


The Top 3 Reasons Some People Can't Stop

(And What To Do To Ensure That You Are Not One Of Them)


I believe that everyone is capable of permanent freedom from binge eating, but the fact is that some people achieve lasting freedom and others don't. 

Over the years, I have noticed that there are 3 distinct things that separate those who succeed from those who don't. In this video I share what I've learned so that you can avoid the pitfalls.


Why Intermittent Fasting Is Problematic

(And How To Integrate It Into Your Life Should You Choose To)

Intermittent Fasting is the hot new weight loss protocol being punted by all and sundry.  The problem is that it can be massively problematic for people trying to beat binge eating. 

It would be easy to dismiss it with a firm "don't go there", but that would be to ignore all the health benefits of this age-old tradition. In this video I take an honest look at the pros and cons of intermittent fasting for anyone who has been compulsively binge eating, and lay out the protocol that I would recommend for anyone wanting to include it in their daily routine in future.  


6 Principles You Can Adopt That Guarantee Lasting Success

"Guarantee" is not a word anyone likes to use in the disordered eating recovery industry, but in my experience, these 6 principles will guarantee that you destroy binge urges and binge eating for good.

Faye, UK

I have to say there are HUGE improvements from when I started. Practice makes permanent and I practice every day all of the skills I’ve learnt and it’s working.  I have reintroduced foods I was scared of triggering a binge that haven’t, and exercising and eating well to look after myself and it feels great!


Here's My Guarantee

Access The Course & Join The Challenge Right Now

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